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When it comes to our embroidery services, we strive to the best in quality to make sure your logo stands out above all the others. Our digitizing department takes time to create stitching that provides the look of depth and texture to your designs. It is important to make sure we consistently maintain proper stitch types along with carefully assessing that your logo has received the care and time to make any customer proud.


We offer the ability for you to send your logo to us to be digitized into a form where the embroidery machines can run them with no hesitations. Having the right digitizing it crucial to quality and outcome of your design. Quality digitizing takes years of experience and we guarantee quality and satisfaction with every aspect of our digitizing services.


Many embroiderers have limited color palettes to work with, but we work closely with all our customers to make sure that we clearly understand the color and look that you are expecting and will ensure that you are satisfied with the thread colors that we use for the best look of your logo.

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